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The Holy Spirit moves the heart

Pope francisThe Holy Spirit, Pope Francis said, moves hearts. He invites us to ask ourselves: “what place does the Holy Spirit have in my life?” "Am I able to hear it? Am I able to ask for inspiration before making a decision or doing something? Or is my heart quiet, lacking in emotion and turmoil?”

Let yourself be engaged by the Holy Spirit

The Pope asks us to be “disturbed,” that is to ask the Holy Spirit to help us find and recognise our faith. "Let yourself be disturbed by the Holy Spirit.  You must be able to feel the urge of the Holy Spirit and, for example, go to visit that sick person or change your life.


Ask yourself about your relationship with the Holy Spirit

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you on the path of life and of everyday life. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the grace to distinguish ‘good’ from ‘less good’, because it is easy to distinguish ‘good’ from ‘evil’.

Pope Francis asks us to look into our hearts and open them to the Holy Spirit. 


“Let us ask for the grace of being able to hear what the Spirit says to our Church,

to our community, to our parish, to our family,

and for the grace to learn the language with which to understand.”

 Pope Francis


Sacramental News:   


Bishop Peter Elliott’s visit with Confirmation candidates

Bishop Elliot was very impressed by our Confirmation candidates. He spent time with them talking to them about their preparation for Confirmation. All of the candidates spoke confidently about Pentecost and how the apostles received the Holy Spirit. They explained how the Holy Spirit revealed itself to the apostles in the room they were in together through wind, flames over the apostle’s heads and through the gift of different languages. Bishop Elliot and the students had interesting conversations about how to use the ‘Gifts of the Holy Spirit’ in their everyday life. Bishop Elliott was also pleased with the variety of saints names the candidates had chosen and how much they knew about their saint. Bishop Elliot declared our students to be well prepared ready to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.


Congratulations to our Confirmation Candidates

Congratulations and thank you to the newly confirmed. It was a joy filled and prayerful celebration shared with family and friends and led by the Most Rev. Bishop Peter Elliott.


There are many people to thank as there are so many who have given of their time and energy, their talents and skills to enrich the celebration of the Sacrament. I will start by thanking the parents of the Confirmed who have continually supported their children and walked with them through the time of preparation and continue to show their love and support for all that these children are seeking to do. I thank the classroom teachers for their preparation of the children. I would also like to thank Mrs. Ash and the staff of St Elizabeth’s for their support and help in the many tasks that needed to be completed in preparation for the Liturgy to ensure everything was prepared.


I thank the Excelsis Choir and their guest conductor, Claire Patti for providing music through their beautiful voices that enabled the joyous, prayerful participation of all. I thank our altar servers and their families, Jayce B, David N, Madison K, Lillian K and Leonce U for being willing to support our school and parish. They all willingly gave of their time to be of service to Fr Tad and the Bishop for the ceremony.


Lastly, I must say a very special thank you to Bishop Elliott and Fr Tad. The church was full to overflowing, we even had people standing in entrance ways and yet even with this crowd they called us to prayerful participation inviting us all to enter into the quiet of the occasion and to be open to the presence of the Spirit in our own lives as well as in the lives of the young candidates.


Many thanks to all who made last Sunday not only a joy filled celebration of the presence of the Spirit but also a prayerful experience of the life of the parish community of St Elizabeth’s.





I am writing about the Gift Giving Mass early so families have time to prepare.


All Levels will gather at 9.15 am in the Church for mass during which the children will be invited to place their gifts in and place them around the empty Christmas Crib. Advent will officially will begin the Sunday before our ‘Gift Giving Mass’.


  • We ask the Year 5/6 students to bring if possible a gold coin that can then be used by St Vincent De Paul to prepare Christmas hampers for those families in need.


  • We ask the Year 3/4 students to bring gifts of food, special treats – lollies, chocolates or BonBons to be added to the hampers. I’m sure you know those little extras that go to make Christmas special for all families.


  • We ask the Foundation and Year 1/2 students to bring a new gift, it can be pre-wrapped and tagged (E.g. Boy or girl and the age the gift is intended for), to be given to those in need and to brighten up their Christmas day.


These are only suggestions. Please bring what your family can manage.

We invite you to join with us at 9.15am on Thursday 7th DECEMBER


School & Class Liturgies and Key Events:


We welcome all families and parishioners to attend school masses with us.


Friday 17th November - 10:30

F/5/6 Community Mass

Thursday  7 December- 9:15am

Whole School  – Gift Giving Mass

Friday 8th  December

1/2/3/4 Community  Prayer Celebration

Tue 12 December- 7.00pm


Picnic 6.30 pm - Carols 7.00 pm

Thursday 14h  December- 9:15

Whole School  – End of 2017 Year Mass

Tue 19th December- 6.30pm

Year 6 Transition Mass




We are collecting for our friendship school but we recognise that it is a busy and expensive time of the year for families. We are not asking for anyone to buy anything but to bring in things that your children may have grown out of or not using anymore and you are planning on getting rid of.  Please ensure it is all in good condition. Please leave it in the school office.

  • Footwear that is in good condition
  • Socks
  • Toys in clean and good condition (not too big as the need to fit in a 1mx1m box)
  • Summer clothing
  • Summer hats
  • Shorts, skirts
  • Bathers
  • Books your children don’t read any more


Matutinao Elementary is always grateful for all the donations we send them.



God Bless,


Maria Popowycz

Religious Education Leader