Ms Walker

our candlesLord of expectation and celebration, in our excitement of getting ready for Christmas; help us not to forget whose birthday we celebrate.

Help us this Advent to wait with one another.

Bless us with care and concern as we search for Jesus in each other.

We know you love us.

Help us share that love.





A Request for Altar Serversaltar servers

If you are interested in becoming an altar server and want to find out what is involved, please come and talk to Mrs. Popowycz or myself.  It is a great way to serve and take part in the Mass.




Farewell Year Sixes

 As another year draws to a close we look forward to our Transition Mass next Tuesday night, 19th December.   This will be an opportunity to stop, reflect and express gratitude for the many achievements of our school community in 2017.


We are truly grateful to God and we want to give thanks for St Elizabeth’s Parish School and everyone involved.


On behalf of all staff, we want to thank our students for a wonderful year of learning.  They enthusiastically enter into all parts of school life and inspire us every day. We congratulate them on their achievements throughout the year and for their friendship and cooperation they show each other.


I would personally like to take this chance to thank all of the community here at St Elizabeth’s for a fantastic few months.   Everyone has been warm and welcoming and I have learnt so much from all of you.  It has been a pleasure getting to know families and I look forward to an exciting year ahead. May God bless you this Christmas and I wish you a safe and relaxing holiday.



Merry Christmas 


Lorraine Walker