Ms Walker

“Don’t wait until a child has been abused or neglected before you do something.          

We need to work together as a community to STOP this from happening in the first place.” - Leesa Waters, Deputy CEO, NAPCAN

Prevention, prevention, prevention!


The only way that we can adequately protect children is to stop neglect and abuse BEFORE it happens.


The enduring message of National Child Protection Week is that ‘Protecting children is everyone’s business’ and urges all Australians to ‘Play Your Part’.

Evidence shows that building strong cohesive communities results in protective and nurturing environments for children and families.  

To make a substantial reduction in long term rates of abuse and neglect we must support families and work with them to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.


As a Catholic school, we have responded positively and proactively to the new child safe standards, strengthening our policies and strategies for the ongoing wellbeing and safety of every child in our school.  

We recognise that becoming a strong, child safe organisation is not a simple, ‘one-off,’ tick the box exercise – rather it is an ongoing process which is significantly dependent upon strong leadership, cultural change, staff education and training and the active participation of children, young people and their families.


Student’s voices, their feelings of safety, and the freedom to express themselves and their concerns are central to the success of child safe initiatives throughout our schools.


Parents play their part to protect and care for children and young people in their community by showing how to have respectful and supportive relationships.


Being a parent can be challenging. Link in with services that support you.


Take time out when you feel stressed or upset – look after yourself.


Parenting can be positive – notice the good times too.

Make plans for enjoyable “family time” – this can help build close relationships.


Parenting isn’t always easy. Share your experiences and skills with other parents – it can help you realise that you are not alone!


Talk about safety with your children. Talk about what being unsafe might look and feel like at home, in their community, online or at school. Make plans about what to do if they feel unsafe. It’s ok to reach out and ask for support, from family, friends, services, health professionals and so on.


Insight SRC Parent surveys

A number of parents were randomly selected to complete a Parent survey a few weeks ago. Thank you to all the parents who have returned their surveys to the school or completed them online.

Parents, teachers and senior school children are surveyed every year and the results are analysed in order to drive school improvement.

The closing date for this is Friday 8th September.

Special Mens Pancake Breakfast

On Thursday 31st August, we all enjoyed a pancake breakfast together.  

Our special guests were our fathers, grandfathers and special men in our lives.  This breakfast was to thank them and acknowledge the contribution they make to the lives of our children.

Many thanks to everyone who attended and helped out to make the morning unforgettable.

Lorraine Walker

Deputy Principal