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Hi all


Well it's about the end of the year and it's time to reflect on the achievements of 2017.  


Our Foundation kids had a great time learning how to run, balance, hop and skip.  Then we learned how to kick, throw, pass and catch.  We were taught games such as poison ball and we played mini games of t-ball and soccer in Term 4.  We were also fortunate to have a PMP program this year which was lots of fun and was greatly enhanced by the VCAL students from Nazareth each Tuesday afternoon.


Our Year 1/2s became more competent and expert at all of our main motor skills.  We focused on nailing down the correct techniques in throwing, striking, dodging and basic movement patterns.  We learned more complex games and played mini sports of basketball, netball and soccer.  Nearly all of our Year 1/2 students can run into a turning long rope and we have some amazing short rope skippers.    


Our 3/4/5/and 6s focused on the sports of Soccer, Orienteering, Netball, Golf, Skipping and we even invented our own games using a frisbee.


Our Inter-School Sports team accomplishments were astonishing.  We won district titles in boys softball, boys cricket, boys t-ball and girls rugby tag.  Our girls rugby tag went on to play at the Victorian State finals and our cricket and softball teams made it to Southern Metro Regional finals.  


Individually, we had athletes make it through to regional finals in Athletics and in Cross Country.  Our Le twins dominated the pool again and Nam was considered good enough to represent Victoria at the School Sports Australia Championships in Adelaide recently.  


An amazing effort for a school with less than 300 students.  


Many thanks to the parents and year 5/6 teachers for your contributions to the year that enabled this success.  


By and large, the students have been great to teach in 2017.  I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces again next year as well as new ones.  All the best for those Year 6 students for where ever the next stage of their learning life takes them.  


Yours in Sport

 Mr A

Dean Andrew

Sports Coordinator


ps:  Don't forget to get the kids off the couch over the long break and send them outside for a run or a kick.  Have a Merry Christmas