Mrs Ash

Dear Parents, Students, Guardians and Other Parishioners,


So 2017 draws to a close and the children are looking forward to a time of rest and relaxation and of course, the joys of Christmas. We have had a year with many successes, particularly in our maths and literacy results and of course on the sporting arena.


thank youIt would not be right to celebrate the successes without thanking all the people who make them possible. Thank you to all our parents for supporting the school in so many ways. Thank you for lots of helping hands in every area of school life and thank you to those of you who cannot come in because of work and family commitments but do everything you can to make the home and school partnership work well.


Thank you to our students who come in everyday ready to do their best and to try their hardest.


Thank you to our staff, committed, dedicated and passionate about making a difference in the lives of their students. We celebrate the work that the teachers do everyday to make learning a positive experience for our students.



In particular, I want to thank Ms Kris Hall and Ms Maree Fay who both retire at the end of this year. Kris Hall Kris Hallhas been teacher at this school since 1980 that is 37 years! Her work has been a legacy of long and committed service to our community. In that time, there hasn’t been a year level she hasn’t taught and her special gifts in delivering the PMP program and Reading Intervention Program were just 2 of the areas in which she excelled. The number of students who owe part of their success in life to Kris must total in the thousands.


When I first started here as a teacher in 1990, Kris went out of her way to help me settle in, she knew everything about the school and the parish. I was in awe of her ability to recall the names of students and to provide me with background information that would help me to understand each child and their learning. Every new staff member over those 42 years has been welcomed by Kris and supported in a truly caring and professional manner. It has been my delight to watch her teach the teachers. Kris loved teaching alongside the techno savvy graduates fresh out of college. She wanted to know what they could do with technology and in return she showed them the wisdom that comes from being an expert teacher. What a wonderful role model for youngsters starting out in the profession. As a teacher, particularly as a Prep teacher, Kris was unrivalled. So many parents would ask me at the interview, please can we have Ms Hall and sometimes they would add, she taught me and I want that for my child.


Kris is and always has been, a true parishioner at St Elizabeth’s. She still reads and serves as a Minister of the Eucharist and this commitment is truly witnessing in every sense of the word. Kris practices what she teaches. We wish you a wonderful life, Kris, no longer governed by bells, take time to smell the roses! Thank you for your gifts to us.


Ms Maree Faye was employed here as a Reading Recovery teacher in 2001 and has devotedly served the Maree fayneeds of children who needed just an extra bit of support with   their reading and writing. Having a kind, supportive teacher who can use a variety of well-planned strategies in a one to one situation and who is genuinely interested in you can make the world of difference to students. In the intervention program, Maree worked wonders with our students. So many who might have struggled were given a chance to succeed because Maree worked tirelessly to show them how to crack the literacy code in the  safe, warm and caring environment of  her  Reading Recovery area. Thank you Maree! We know that you will now be able to spend time doing what you love to do! Yes, Reading, reading and more reading!


We also farewell three other staff members. Ms Ianthe Lim is off on an adventure, travelling the world with an open ended ticket and plans to walk 500 kms of the Camino in Spain. God bless you, Ianthe. Thank you for guiding our students with that quest for adventure and passion for learning. Ms Gabrielle Catania has been offered the rare opportunity to teach Physical Education at secondary level at the Marist College in Warragul. PE and sport are passions for Gabby and we wish her well in this new endeavour. It is very hard to win a prize like this position but we know it is well deserved. We will all miss her attention to detail in the learning space and polished assembly presentations.


Another traveller, this time with family in tow, is Ms Dana Kroenert, Dana has been teaching Performing Arts and has challenged our students in many ways and encouraged them to try things that are way beyond their comfort zone and they have risen to the challenge, Shakespeare in Year 5 / 6! Now it is time for Dana to explore the bigger stage. Enjoy the possibilities, Dana and thank you for the opportunities you gave the students. We also farewell our Bursar, Ms Kelli Jacobs who is off to bigger pastures in Mornington at St Macartans. Kelli has done a fantastic job in the short time that she has been with us and we will all miss her happy smile and willing service.  


So our staffing for 2018 looks like this:

Foundation teacher:  Ms Jessica Connolly and Ms Rebecca Kealy

Year 1 / 2 teachers: Ms Donna Burke, Ms Delphine Hesse and Ms Louisa Chalk, Ms Gagan Shergill

Year 3 / 4 teachers: Ms Sherika Olagama, Ms Rose-Ann Melenhorst, Ms Marija Diosi, Ms Natasha Stirling

Year 5 / 6 teachers: Ms Cecile Claxton, Ms Maria Popowycz, Ms Kristine Koutroumanis, Ms Kelly Donald and Mr Gary Young


Deputy and Religious Education and Student wellbeing Coordinator: Ms Lorraine Walker

Learning and Teaching Leader:  Ms Kristine Koutroumanis

Literacy and Literacy Intervention teacher: Ms Nan Perazzo

Numeracy Leader: Ms Lyn Dennett

Performing Arts: Ms Tania Ladson

Physical Education: Mr Dean Andrew

LOTE Chinese: Ms Kelly Chin

Media Teacher: Ms Katelyn Howe

Nook Manager: Ms Trixie Martin

Learning Support Officers: Ms Sarah Mara, Ms Danny Camp, Ms Anne Bunter, Ms Sue Hatley Smith, Ms Jenny Fenton, Ms Giulia Caia

Office Manager: Ms Lisa Gray

Bursar: Ms Laurel Hill

Maintenance and Cleaning: Mr Stan Webster


I will remain as Principal and on behalf of the staff of St Elizabeth’s, I want to wish you all the joys of the season, may peace be in your hearts, homes and keep yourselves  safe until we meet again next year.

God Bless you.



Christine Ash