Ms Koutroumanis

NAPLAN Reminder

Just a reminder that next week our Grade 3 and 5 students will be partaking in NAPLAN testing on Tuesday the 15th to Thursday the 17th of May. We expose our students to past NAPLAN tests prior to this date and ensure all our students are familiar with the set up for the day. We ensure that all our students go into the conditions in a familiar environment and are comfortable on the day.

Whilst we recognise that NAPLAN in an important tool for measuring our students growth and learning, high NAPLAN results are not what we are here for. NAPLAN is only a one day snapshot on a particular day in terms of your child's learning. In order to gain a greater understanding of your child learning, we look at all of their results and growth over a period of time which we discuss in depth at our progress interviews. We at St. Elizabeth's believe in educating the whole child, and helping all our students become the best person they can be.


Learning and Teaching

Our students have been doing some great learning so far this term! We have some beautiful chicks that have hatched which will be making their way to new homes this week. The 1/2 students, and the rest of the school have watched them grow over the past couple of weeks and have loved learning about the life cycles of a chicken. It has been wonderful to see our students engage in some hands on learning!


Congratulations to our 5/6 students who performed their Cross Arts production of “Lena’s Lesson”, teaching our community through drama how to use our You Can Do It values to solve problems in our lives and not give up! Our students and teachers worked very hard and delivered an amazing performance!