Ms Koutroumanis

Welcome back to a new year of teaching and learning! I am beyond excited to be working as part of the Learning and Teaching team again this year, as well as working in Student Services. I will be working in the classroom this year in Grade 5/6 and working on my new roles Thursdays and Fridays. I have recently completed my Masters in Special Educational Needs and look forward to lots of new learning and challenges this year.



Each year we begin our school year by getting to know our students through getting to know you activities. This helps us build relationships with our students and set up expectations and routines together as a community. As part of SWEL week, we also discuss the importance of our school values which are Mutual Respect, Shared responsibility, Social Equality, Self-Discipline and Co-operation.



As part of SWEL week, students also participate in our Footsteps program. Footsteps specialise in curriculum integrated dance program that assists our students in developing inter/intra personal skills while incorporating some fun and fitness. Students will be participating once a week in the Footsteps program every Monday for the first 5 weeks of Term 1.


Goal setting Information Night

One of the ways we work with our parents and students to set out our goals for the year is by holding Goal Setting Interviews. On the 15th February, each level will be creating a video, along with a written transcript; that will be uploaded to our website so that it can be translated in your language of choice. Through these videos, you will be introduced to the teachers that work with your child and receive an outline of the teaching and learning that will occur throughout the year and how we help each child in our Learning Community.



One of the best ways to keep up to date and involved in your child’s learning is to be involved in your child’s education. Communication in our school can occur in many different ways.

  •  Reading communication from the school through our fortnightly newsletter each term
  • Talking to your child about their day at school and asking about what they have learnt
  •  Writing a note in your child’s diary and passing it onto the teacher to keep up to date or pass on information
  • Coming into the classroom and talking to the teachers face to face, or, via email. 
  • Use the FlexiBuzz app to send a message to the teacher.