Dates and CareMonkey permissions

Important Calendar Dates

On the school’s website there is a calendar.  This calendar is “live” therefore updates happen regularly. 


There will also be a Term Overview calendar under “recent news” on the front page of our website.


Please take note that on the following dates are school closure days.


  • Friday 9th March     OHSC will be available ... contact Elarine
  • Friday 8th June       OHSC will be available ... contact Elarine
  • Monday 16th July   OHSC will be available ... contact Elarine
  •  Monday 5th November, is also a school closure day, but OHSC is not available on this day.



Message from Lisa


Reminder to parents that there are a number of CareMonkey permission requests that need to be attended to.

They are:~


Year's Foundation to 6 - Permission for Publication of Students' Work or Photographs to be used


Year's Foundation, 1 & 2 - Shrove Tuesday Pancakes, 13/2/18


Year's 3 & 4 - Shrove Tuesday Pancakes, 13/2/18


Year's 5 & 6 - Shrove Tuesday Pancakes, 13/2/18 

Year's 5 & 6 - 2018 Summer Interschool Sports


If you could reply to these via CareMonkey as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.


Goal Setting interviews are on Tuesday 20th February and Wednesday 21st February, appointment times need to be made on Flexibuzz.  There was a Flexibuzz message sent earlier this week.


Reminder to current Foundation families, if you have only selected “Future Families”, please select “Foundation” as that is where your notices will  be sent to