Year 1/2




Year 1/2 Information   2018

Learning Communities:


At St Elizabeth’s we work within learning communities. A Learning community ensures that individual children’s needs are being met more effectively.  


1/2CH – Mrs Louisa Chalk and Mrs. Delphine Hesse

1/2 DB – Mrs Donna Burke


The children have access to 3 professionals who know them and care about them.




Our Level Newsletters will be sent home at the beginning of each Term. They will include important dates and an overview of what the students will be covering that term.


It is important to read this as it will include all relevant information for your child.


The whole school newsletter will also be emailed to all families. It is also available on the school’s website.




This year the specialist timetable operates on a weekly basis. The specialist subjects your child will take part in are:


PE (Sport) – Mr Dean Andrew

Performing Arts – Mrs Tania Ladson

Media – Mrs Kaetlyn B (Howe)


Students in Mrs Chalk and Miss Shergill’s class will need to wear their runners on Tuesday and students in Mrs Burke’s wear their runners on Wednesdays.




We are encouraging all children to unpack their own bags and organise their readers, lunches and hats each morning.


Please encourage your child to be responsible for carrying, unpacking and packing their own school bag. This will promote independence and responsibility.


Could we please ask you to double check that you have labelled all of your child's belongings to ensure that they can be returned if they are misplaced.


Year 1/2 children, will use a Blue Communication Bag. The blue bag is very important and needs to come to school every day! The bag will be used to carry home newsletters, notices, school work, readers and diaries.


All students have been given a diary that will be used to record your child’s nightly readers and any notes to be communicated between home and school.

Health Policies


Throughout the day there are two allocated eating times. We ask you to provide 2 mini lunches. At recess, students are encouraged to eat half their sandwich and a healthy snack and at lunch time they can eat the rest of their sandwich and any treats.


In our communities we do have children that are severely allergic to nuts. We ask you not to pack products that have nuts in them, this includes Nutella. If your child does have nut products in their lunch, a note will be sent home and your child will eat the item at the office and wash their hands before returning to their class.


Any medication brought to school must go to the office with a note signed by a parent/guardian explaining what has to be done. This includes clear instructions as to how the medicine is to be kept and dosages and times.


Medicine without written permission cannot be administered.




If your child would like to bring something in to share with the class on their birthday, this is permitted. We would encourage nut free items such as small cupcakes, small lolly bags, healthy party packs or small items that are easily distributed and eaten.


Please note these items will be sent home for consumption in your child’s lunchbox. The children are not permitted to eat these items until they are at home, to protect those children with food allergies.

We will also have a Brain Break between our Reading block and our Writing block.  During this time, we ask students to eat a small piece of fruit that requires no peeling or mess.  For example – cut up apple, small strawberries, carrot slices. It must be fruit or vegetable only.  This brain breaks helps students recharge ready for more learning!




Students are expected to read to a parent or guardian for a minimum of ten minutes each day.


After reading, please encourage your child to discuss the story, and question them on the characters and events to ensure they have understood what they have read.


Students must then record the name of their book in their diary and a parent/guardian will need to sign it.


Please note: the nightly reading should be a text that your child can read independently to encourage their enjoyment of reading.


The diaries will be signed by the class teacher EVERY Friday


Level 1/2 Spelling


Students are given spelling words targeted at their developmental spelling level.

They are expected to look, say, cover, write, and check every night. Children can also be encouraged to play games with their words, such as memory or snap, finding dictionary meanings or putting the word in a sentence.

Parents are to sign the spelling sheet every night and spelling books must be returned on the testing day, which is EVERY second Friday.


Students will also be set up with a ‘Literacy Planet’ account which will be used at home and school. This program allows the students to further develop their skills in all areas of literacy.




If there are any changes to your contact information, please let the office know immediately, especially in regards to next of kin and phone numbers.

If a student is absent from school, this needs to be recorded on our roll along with a reason. Therefore we need some sort of communication either written or verbal. If you ring the office, Lisa can communicate your child’s absence and reason to your classroom teacher.


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