Year 5/6



Our Year 5/6 teachers this year are: Miss Lim, Miss Catania, Miss Koutroumanis, Mrs Donald & Mrs Claxton.

If you need to contact the 5/6 teachers you can reach us at

How we will work this year

This year we will be working in communities and in that community, every child will have their own home-group teacher. As per our learning and teaching policy, we have created learning spaces that connect learners to a community so to provide opportunities for students to engage with diverse perspectives and collaborate with others. Within each community there are two home-groups or classes, with two teachers who share the responsibility of both classes. There will be some areas of learning where we will be grouping students flexibly within each community according to their learning needs.


This year, our 5 & 6 students will all have access to a Chromebook. Our Students Acceptable Use Policy and our comprehensive licence program work in conjunction to provide guidelines for the management of our eLearning Tools.

As this is our first year in 5/6 with all students having Chromebooks, we will be doing a refresher on the licence program and the responsibility the students have in terms of taking care of their Chromebooks.

Chromebook licence 2017

Learners “Ls”

Provisional “Red Ps”

“Green Ps”

Full Licence

Knows Google username and password

Opens and closes multiple tabs in Google Chrome

Knows how to locate relevant work (i.e. “Shared with Me”)

Knows how to bookmark a website

Keeps Chromebook in a safe place

Turns off Chromebook completely

Inserts an image into a Google App

Knows how to check if Chrome is up to date and updates as necessary

Reports inappropriate content to a teacher immediately

Sits in way that teacher could see screen at all times

Knows teacher’s email address

Assists others as needed

Identifies the parts of a Chromebook

Plugs Chromebook into charge when necessary

Accesses a website in School bookmarks folder

Rotates pictures

Selects text to copy and paste

Knows how to type in Capitals

Adjusts screen brightness  

Knows how to share work with the teacher and edit “access”

Knows mute/volume button

Knows how to refresh a page

Sets appropriate background picture and has a self picture as the icon

Knows how to appropriately name their work

Reminder for Chromebooks

Chromebooks must have a protective case before they are allowed to be taken home. New  students only must go through the Chromebook licencing steps and obtain their full licence before they can take it home. Please refer to the above Chromebook licence process to see the steps students will need to go through before in order to get their full Chromebook licence.

Cyber Safety

We have a comprehensive Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy which all students and families are expected to adhere to.There is an explicit focus on Cybersafety in our school, particularly in the Media Specialist program. Cyberbullying is the use of technology to bully a person or group. Bullying is repeated behaviour with the intent to harm others.

    Behaviour may include:

  • Abusive texts and emails
  • Posting unkind or threatening messages, videos or images on social media websites
  • Imitating or excluding others online
  • Inappropriate image tagging

Too much online?

Your child may be spending too much time online if their online behaviour is having a negative impact on other aspects of their life. There is no guideline for the ‘right’ amount of time for children to spend online, however if their online behaviour appears to impact negatively on their behaviour or wellbeing, or that of the family, it may be time to discuss expectations and establish time limits.

For more advice regarding this issue, resources can be found at

To make sure your child is safe online, it is very important that parents know what their children are doing online, who they are talking to and what they are watching. Often, when a problem comes to the attention of the school, the damage has been done and some children are very hurt.


Specialist Classes

Year 5/6 students participate in 4 different specialist classes; Physical Education, Media, LOTE (Chinese) and Performing Arts.

During these class times all students are expected to participate to their full potential and behave as they would for their classroom teachers.

This year, the timetable in terms of our specialist classes have changed. Specialist classes will be held over 3 days in one and two hour blocks according to the timetable









Performing Arts




Performing Arts






Performing Arts




Performing Arts



We will begin homework in week 3, expectations regarding homework will be sent out with the first set of homework.

This year all homework will be provided through software programs called Mathletics, Study Ladder and Literacy Planet. The school has purchased a licence to use this software for every child. Parents can access their child’s account and monitor their child’s participation and progress on Mathletics. Ask us how to do this!

Mathletics is a learning tool that allows teachers to allocate students work and monitor their progress, while providing timely feedback to both students and teachers.

As per our homework policy, students will receive homework on a fortnightly basis. Teachers will be assigning homework and asking parents and students to sign a homework contract at their discretion. Homework is done at home and set at school and it is a parents’ choice as to whether the children are given homework or not. If parents say that they want homework for their child we will monitor it. For those children, if  homework is not completed, parents will receive an email from the teacher to inform them that their child has not completed the allocated homework for that fortnight. If homework continues to be incomplete, the teacher will again inform the parent via email. It is then a matter to be taken up at home if your child is not completing their assigned homework as there will be no consequences for incomplete homework given at school except that it will be noted in their report.

Mathletics is:

• Adaptive as it responds to individual student strengths and weaknesses.  

• Provides  support to guide students through concepts whenever they might need, just like a maths tutor would do.  

• allows teachers and parents  to monitor student records in order to track progress and identify learning needs.  


Studyladder is a web based educational program designed by teachers. The program is curriculum based and covers Mathematics, Literacy as well as other subjects. Your child has been given a username and password which can be used to access Studyladder.

Literacy Planet

In order to target our students needs in terms of literacy, Literacy Planet provides learning experiences for children of all abilities that is accessible. Research has shown that through Literacy Planet, students have improved their literacy skills which leads to positive psychological and academic benefits for children involved in the use of the program. Teachers will determine who uses which activities so that students are working at their own learning level before they can access word games etc.

All of these e-learning programs give instant feedback about the student’s learning. The benefit of having instant feedback has been shown to have a significant impact on student progress.


We will sign diaries every Friday. We will be looking for homework and reading completed each night and that students are using their diaries to help improve their skills in organisation. Emails will be sent as per our policy where a student does NOT complete homework.


Nazareth College began a music program with our grade 5 students last year which will continue for those grade 6 students who chose to remain with the program this year. Grade 6 students will be attending band practice before school on a Monday, and all grade 5 students who will begin the music program this year will be be encouraged to practice throughout the term.

It is essential that parents and students understand that they are responsible for their instrument. Students will be attending music lessons on a Monday during the day and teachers will ensure their instruments are locked up in our studio after their music lessons. Students will then need to take their instruments home on Monday afternoon to practice throughout the week. Students will then need to remember to bring them back the following Monday. All instruments have a serial number which is recorded in their name by the school and they cannot swap instruments. Books are also the responsibility of the student and the music book, like the instrument, has to be at school on a Monday.


This year most year 6 students will have a leadership role. Students have applied for leadership roles in several key areas. They have had the chance to apply to be Choir, House, Radio, News, SRC, Sustainability and Wellbeing captains.


Students need to wear the full and correct school uniform, including correct socks and footwear.  Runners and St E’s interschool sports tops are only worn with the PE uniform on the timetabled days and Thursdays for Inter-School Sports. Students are not allowed to wear any make up and no jewellery is allowed unless it is a religious symbol such as a small crucifix or a scapula. In addition, school policy does not allow extreme hairstyles or hair colours. Uniform needs to be in good condition. Frayed hats  and  bags covered with graffiti are not acceptable.

Interschool Sports

Summer Interschool sports will be held every Thursday in Term 1. Students are required to wear their runners, bring their hats and a drink bottle.

On some occasions, students will be travelling to other schools to compete. All permission forms will be on Care Monkey. Unfortunately, bus costs have risen and so the charge has risen from $5 to $7. We have also decided to only use buses with seatbelt options so they are slightly more expensive.

During Interschool sports, students are encouraged to show good sportsmanship. They are representatives of St Elizabeth’s and must show the qualities of a great sport.

Cross Arts

Our level Cross Arts will be held in Term 2. The date for our Cross Arts is Tuesday the 16th of May.

We have yet to come up with a title for our Cross Arts, but the theme is our environment and the impacts humans have had on our planet, which links with our inquiry this term.

Students will begin rehearsing this term.


NAPLAN will begin on the 10th of May and conclude on the 12th of May.

Students will be exposed to past NAPLAN tests prior to the date, to get them familiar with the setting and layout.

• Whilst we recognise that NAPLAN is an important tool for measuring students growth and learning, high NAPLAN results is not what we are here for, we believe in educating the whole child, and helping all students be the best person they can be.


This year our camp will be held at Sovereign Hill

We will be arriving at Sovereign Hill on the Thursday 2nd of November and departing on Friday the 3rd of November.

The camp will be a total of 1 night and two days.

Details and notices about camp will be communicated to you closer to the date

Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit

Looking at the Saint selected for Confirmation name.

Confirmation Reflection Day: To be determined in term 4

Sacrament celebration: Sunday 12th November.

Secondary School

Yr 6 Parents:

Just a reminder that Catholic secondary schools application close February 27th.

Yr 5 Parents: If you are not following our tradition of going to Nazareth College, you will need to start visiting schools, go to open days and decide where you would like your child to go. This will then make you ready for applications which will be due later this year.


As a school we are continuing to teach the children to meditate.The whole school stops at 11:37 each day to pray through meditation. It is a peaceful quiet way to pray allowing the children and ourselves a time to stop everything that we are doing and have time with God.

"Meditation is the work of the Holy Spirit who prays within us." Meditation is a prayer of silence and listening, the place where direct contact with Christ can occur, once the constant activity of the mind has been stilled.




We will be starting our CAFÉ Reading routines and discussing the habits of a real reader vs. a fake reader. Ask your child about this, as they will soon be experts in identifying the characteristics of a real reader. Good habits are essential at the start of the year so we want to take our time to instil good reading habits in our students. You can help us by encouraging your child to find a good “reading spot” at home when they read every night. And don’t forget to have your child record this in their school diaries! We will also be learning new strategies to help us with our reading fluency and understanding.


This term, we are focusing on writing to inform. What do we mean when we write to inform? What kind of writing falls under the category of “informing?” This can include: letter writing, explanations, procedural, instructional text etc. Students will explore various types of writing genres that inform people and the world. This includes traditional texts, electronic texts and creative/artistic texts.




This term, we will be learning whole numbers and measurement. It is very important for all our students that their number skills are secure as this is the foundation that a child needs to improve their mathematical learning and growth. Knowing times tables is essential so we encourage students to revise these. We will be revising number patterns, the four operations, number sequences, place value and solving number problems. In measurement, students will use their number skills in the context of time. They will learn how to read a digital and analogue clock and tell the time. Students will also be learning about the various time zones around the world!



Our theme this year for RE and Inquiry is Belonging. We will be looking at how we are all part of a universal system created by God. If the system breaks down or an element is removed, the system ceases to function. We are all active, contributing members to the universal system (community) and our actions have consequences. Our Cross Arts will be based on this and how we belong to our world and the impacts humans have had on our world since creation.  


Thank you for watching our information session. If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to ask the teacher during our goal setting meeting! We look forward to seeing you and your child at your meeting.