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St Elizabeth's School Dandenong North

Welcome to St Elizabeth’s school!


We are a vibrant learning community where we aspire to instil the Gospel values in all that is said and done. We are an inclusive school, where all are welcome to be a part of our faith filled community.


At our school, the social and emotional wellbeing of every student is paramount in our children achieving success. We recognise that every child is unique; each having special needs, abilities and preferred learning styles. It is our aim to help children grow and develop their special abilities, self-confidence and self-esteem.


As a school, we are committed to the excellence of the whole child, where our vision is one that is visible and enacted in all that we do and is driven through various wellbeing and curriculum initiatives.


Our pursuit of academic excellence for each child is achieved through a dedicated staff, who use a contemporary, relevant and collaborative approach to learning. Our staff provide all our students with a wide range of opportunities to engage in rich, learning experiences in and beyond the classroom, where the needs and interests of our students are at the forefront.


Our students are encouraged to be risk takers; be leaders; be inquisitive; be creative; be innovative; be compassionate; be change makers and ultimately be themselves.


We believe that for each of our children to flourish; to be engaged in their learning; to be independent; to be resilient; to take responsibility for their choices and learning, it requires all within our school and parish community to have this same vision, dedication and commitment, which we continually strive for. 


As a faith filled community we continue to build on our outstanding work that has been achieved in all curriculum areas through our contemporary approach, which we invite all to be a part of.


Come and be a part of our school community, where the child is the centre of it all!

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Christina Ferguson



This is Us

St Elizabeth's School Dandenong North


Child is at the centre


Faith filled community

This is Us

A St Elizabeth's Education

SE Cross 2.png


A St Elizabeth's Education

Enrolment Information

Every day is an open day at St Elizabeth’s!


We thank you for considering St Elizabeth’s as the school for your child and family. We openly welcome enquiries regarding enrolments. 


As every day is an open day, we encourage prospective families to ring the school on 9795 5258 to make a mutually convenient time for us to show you around our amazing school. This is a great opportunity to have a personal tour of the school, where you can ask all the questions that are pertinent to your child and family, as well as the opportunity for us to show you who we are and what we do!


At St Elizabeth’s we accept enrolments all year round, for all year levels within our school.

Enrolment Info

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