Mrs Ferguson


Dear Parent/Guardians,


Well it has come to that time of year where we can sit back and reflect on the year that was. It only feels like yesterday that I walked through the front gates of our school nervous and excited at what the year held in store for us all, and what a year it has been!


I can not begin to express the joy and pride I feel towards each and every one of you as members of this faith filled community. We have achieved so much together and bulit a culture of trust, respect, love, commitment and fun. Every day has been filled with various challenges, but all of them having leading to an element of joy.


What has brought me most joy in my first year at St Elizabeth’s is how each and every child has flourished. At times the journey has not been easy, but through the guidance and support of staff, peers and family, our students have achieved and experienced many learnings and success. Seeing the smiles and exuberance in our children is what fuels me to keep going and making our school a haven of safety, excellence, and a place that fosters love and respect for all.


I would like to take this opportunity to:


Thank Father Tad for his guidance and support this year. I have appreciated his wisdom and the trust he placed in me to guide this generous community and I know together we can continue this into the future.


Thank the beautiful staff who have been so welcoming and open to new ideas. Like our students, they too have had many challenges placed on them from me, where I have asked them to change how they do things and try different things. It wasn’t always easy, but they showed real grit, resilience and persistence. Together we have forged a great bond that is built on trust and respect. From the bottom of my heart it has brought me so much joy, as this then is passed on to everyone, so THANK YOU my beautiful and dedicated staff, as I couldn’t have asked for any more.


Now to the most important people; the students of St Elizabeth’s. Thank you for being you. 

Thank you for:

  • being polite
  • being respectful
  • being welcoming, the hugs, the smiles and the genuine interest in how I am, the chats about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING
  • trying new things and trying your best
  • making mistakes so you can learn
  • listening and trusting in us the adults
  • being the best versions of yourselves

Seeing your smiles, success and inclusion of all is what has brought me the most joy, so please don’t stop.


As you go into the holidays, remember all these things and who you are. Don’t let the lack of routine or us not being around change who you are. Please be kind to your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, but most importantly your mothers. 


Finally thank you to our dedicated parents. Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs but also the hardest. There is no instruction manual on how to be a parent; we just do the best we can with what we know and have. 


Thank you for your continued support and the trust you place in us as a school day in and day out. We are a family; the St Elizabeth’s family who stick together through the good and the bad and together achieve great things. A child cannot be raised on its own; it requires a village and we are a great little village here where the children are our number one priority. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your lives and know we feel blessed that you are all a part of ours.


I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, where you get the most joy in the giving than the receiving. Hopefully you are able to make it our family Mass here on Christmas Eve at 7pm to celebrate the birth of Jesus.


Please make sure you have a safe and relaxing holiday and we look forward to seeing you in 2020. 


2020 School Leaders:

At our End of Year Mass this week our school leaders were announced. Our Year 6 school leaders for 2020 are:


School leaders

·         Harry

·         Daniel

·         Izzy K

·         Angelique


Mini Vinnies leaders

·         Jon

·         Gabriela

·         Stephanie

·         Connor


House leaders


  • Cian
  • Tam


  • Mikayla A
  • Jamie


  • Abinayan
  • Caroline


  • Gatkuoth
  • Breanna


Faith leaders

·         Jessica

·         Tony

·         Marjy

·         Giovannah


News leaders

·         Shacanaa

·         Tea

·         Marley

·         Lochlan


·         Josie

·         Brandon

·         Izzy M

·         Zion

·         Zachary

·         Ryan

·         Katie

·         Justin H

·         Aiden M


Tech Angel leaders

·         Stefan

·         Mikayla N

·         Dhruv

·         Andrei


SRC leaders

·         Giselle

·         Nhu

·         Luisa


I know our 2020 leaders will guide us in all we do, and be a great example of what it means to be a part of a faith filled community. I look forward to working with these children and help them build their leadership capacity.



Colour Fun Run:

On Monday our much anticipated Colour Fun Run landed and it was simply SENSATIONAL! Melbourne turned on the weather for us and we were all ready to be drenched with water and sprayed with powder. The sheer excitement and joy was worth it. The children, staff and parents loved every second of it, especially when it was my turn to be drenched. The sheer delight on the children’s faces was worth my 10 minute drenching and permanently dyed pink hair!!!!


We are still finalising our totals from the money raised but it looks like we will have easily have raised over $7 000 towards our back playground. THANK YOU to all our families who helped raise money for this. We are overwhelmed by your generosity and know the space in our back playground will be amazing. You should all be proud of your achievements.


A BIG thank you to Filomena Sepe, Mirella Tatta, Lisa and Trixie on all their organisation of this event. Their teamwork, dedication and hard work enabled it to be such a success. A BIG thank you also to all the parents who volunteered on the day to be the water sprayers, powder throwers and general set up crew. It was lovely to see you all get in the spirit of the day and make it happen for our children.



Carols Night:

On Tuesday evening we gathered as a community to sing Christmas carols in preparation to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Each year level performed and were simply brilliant in there renditions. For many the highlight of the night was the staff act and our special visit from Santa. It is nights like this that reminds us that the simple things of just coming together, singing and having fun brings the most pleasure.


Thank you to all our parent volunteers on the evening who helped with the selling of various food items. Your time and support was greatly appreciated.



End of Year Reports:

The school reports clearly demonstrate just how much growth each child has made through their hard work, perseverance and desire to succeed.


These student achievements could not have happened without the hard work, care and compassion of our staff. We are very blessed at St Elizabeth’s to have a team of teachers and support staff who work tirelessly to provide amazing opportunities and learning experiences for each child within our school community.


Reports will be sent home on Monday 16th December. I strongly recommend that parents sit and read these reports with their child and celebrate the successes and discuss how together with the school, we can continue learning and improving.



2020 Staffing:

It is with great excitement that I announce the appointment of our new Performing Arts teacher, Mrs Sioban Collett for the 2020 school year. Sioban has worked in many Catholic schools over her time as a specialist Performing Arts teacher, with a passion and amazing skill set in the area of Music. We know you will welcome Sioban to our school and have great confidence in continuing the amazing work Tania and Ineke have put in place during their time at St Elizabeth’s.


School Fees:

Thank you to all our families who have now settled their school fees or are continuing with their direct debits to ensure regular payments are being made to finalise your 2019 commitment.


In previous years, the individual student Resource levy was to be paid by early December for the following school year. As of 2020, this fee is now incorporated into the Student levy.


We require all families by the 27th March 2020 to have paid a minimum $300 to help cover the upfront costs of stationery and computer program subscriptions that the students receive at the beginning of the school year.


Those families who have opted for the Direct Debit or Credit Card deduction option of payment, do not need to make additional payments to cover this cost. Your scheduled regular repayments will cover this cost.


Those families who have opted to pay by cash, EFTPOS or cheque will need to ensure this component of the levy is paid by the due date.


If at any time families find themselves in financial distress or difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss various options to help support you and your family with these financial obligations. We are here to help and ensure that all those who are entitled and would like a Catholic education are not disadvantaged due to their financial situation. My door is always open.


School uniform:

Our uniform represents who we are as a community, which therefore means it is important that it is worn correctly. As a new school year is fast approaching, and our children require uniforms here is a reminder of our requirements for the summer uniform.



·         royal blue monogrammed polo shirt (long or short sleeved)

·         maroon monogrammed track pants or shorts

·         white non-branded socks (ankle or crew style)

·         maroon monogrammed windcheater or jacket

·         school hat


·         royal blue monogrammed polo shirt (long or short sleeved)

·         maroon monogrammed track pants or shorts

·         school dress (optional)

·         white non-branded socks (ankle or crew style)

·         maroon monogrammed windcheater or jacket

·         school hat


Black leather school shoes

These maybe T-bar, buckle shoes, formal dress style shoe, leather runner school shoe or black leather boots cut low to the level of the ankle bone. Black material sneakers are not acceptable.


If you unsure of what is acceptable footwear, please do not hesitate to ask Lisa at the office who is more than happy to clarify this with you if you require.

Sports Top

As of 2020, we would like to introduce a separate PE uniform that the students will wear the day they have PE classes. The students will be required to wear their house colour polo short (see image below) with their maroon school shorts and runners/sneakers. The Year 5/6 students have the option to purchase the interschool sport top. Both these sports tops are available from the uniform shop.


By introducing this PE uniform, it helps students to be in comfortable clothing when engaging in physical activity, along with providing parent with an opportunity to launder the everyday school uniform more frequently.


Our Uniform Order form can be accessed online



2020 School Dates


Tuesday 28th January                         Staff return

Wednesday 29th January                    Year 1 to Year 6 return

Thursday 30th January                        Foundation students begin



Merry Christmas!

Mrs Christina Ferguson




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