Mrs Ferguson


Dear Parents and/or Guardians,


This week we celebrated our Opening School Mass, where we came together as a school community to welcome and bless our students, teachers, parents and parish community.

In the Gospel we heard about keeping our minds open and using our ears to hear and eyes to see. This line resonated with me as an educator as these traits are so important to have in life, especially when undertaking learning in all realms of our being. As educators, we try and encourage all our students to be open to learning, providing them with experiences that are challenging and sometimes out of their comfort zone. It is when we find things difficult that real learning occurs and it is here that we find great satisfaction and fulfilment as learners.

I encourage parents, as fellow educators, to help your children take on challenges and embrace the process of trying again and again until they have mastered it and reassure them that it is ok if they don’t get it the first time, but, with practice it will happen. Building resilience and stamina in our children is crucial if they are to be successful in their relationships and in all of their learning.

It was very reaffirming this week to see so many families attend our Goal Setting interviews, where as a partnership, families with the school could set goals to help each child succeed. The warm smiles and positive conversations that were being undertaken were a pleasure to see, as this is what true education is; a partnership between family and school.

As I was walking around on these two evenings and chatted with families, a common theme that keep arising was our children’s screen time. Many parents were expressing how their children were “obsessed” with using their device and the amount of arguments it caused in the family. This is a challenge that most households are facing, along with how do parents say NO to certain social media apps but are worried that if they do, they are isolating their child from friendships.

On THURSDAY 12th MARCH we will be holding a Cyber safety evening that I strongly recommend that EVERY family attend.

Marty and Carley who will be presenting on the evening, are experts in this area. Marty is up to date with all the latest apps and technology side, Carley is a psychologist (and a mother of three school aged children) who helps families manage this screen time obsession, anxiety and family dilemmas that this all brings.

The evening is aimed to cater for ALL AGE LEVELS. They will be looking at:

  • The effects of screen time from a young age
  • Age appropriate apps e.g. Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite
  • Social media apps e.g. TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Music-ly


As this is a PARENT ONLY session, we will be providing babysitting so parents can attend. Some of our staff have kindly offered to watch a movie with the children in Link 3 so parents can attend this session, as we all see it as beneficial and worthwhile; a MUST for all families. Hopefully I will see you all on the evening.

Congratulations to Miss Sherika Olagama and her husband Brett on their wedding on Saturday. Even though the day was wet, it did not dampen the love and commitment that they made to one another. We wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness.

Wishing everyone a great week.

Christina Ferguson


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