Design Principles


We are committed to our Catholic Faith community, fostering an environment where all are supported on their own faith journey, developing and growing to their full potential. We are committed to living out our faith through service to one another so our students can make a positive difference in their ever changing world.


Relational Culture

We are committed to ensuring a happy and safe learning environment and to developing resilient, organised, responsible confident students who have respect for others and themselves.



We are committed to collaborative teaching  where the student is the focus and building relationships with students drives effective pedagogy based on current research and continuous dialogue with colleagues, with students, families and the wider community.


Intended Curriculum

We are committed to shared ownership of purposeful teaching and learning based on the Victorian Catholic System’s approved curriculum, developing learning programs, with a particular emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy, which meet the needs of 100% of our students 100% of the time, achieving student engagement, successful learning outcomes and teacher efficacy.


Enacted and Achieved Curriculum

We are committed to creating a professional culture where  teachers  collaborate to use data and evidence to ensure all students achieve success on a personalised, targeted plan of learning.



We are committed to maximising the use of technologies to optimise learning for all (students, parents and teachers) in a blended learning environment. Through technology we strive to create authentic links to the local and global community.


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