St Elizabeth's is a faith filled community that embraces the Gospel values and promotes a community that is build on faith, love and hope.  The unique and diverse nature of all members of our community are welcomed and embraced.


We embrace the Gospel Values in all aspects of school and family life, where our children are engaged and experierence a multitude of faith and life experiences to enable them to nurture their relations with God.


St Elizabeth's provides:

  • many opportunities for prayer, liturgy, meditation and celebration
  • an environment and atmosphere where the Gospel values align with our behaviours and actions
  • a Religious Education program that is taught through an Inquiry approach, where connections to the real world and life experiences underpins the learrning of our mission as Catholics
  • preparation and participation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation Eucharist and Confirmation
  • opportunities to plan and undertake various social justice actions within our local and global community
  • opportunties for families to participate in faith formation evenings like Prayers in  Pyjamas and the Good Shepherd experience
  • a school choir who sing at our school Masses
  • partnership with Nazareth College, whose Faith leaders work with our own children recieving the Sacraments

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