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Our Community

St Elizabeth's School Dandenong North



Term 3


Term 4



  • We take great pride in the way we present our school and ourselves, this includes with our school uniform

  • We have a Summer and Winter unfirmfom

    • Summer Terms 1 and 4

    • Winter Terms 2 and 3

  • Our uniform shop is open Tuesday and Thursday before school from 8.30am

  • Orders can be made by completing an order form and sending it into school with your child. The order will be filled the next time the uniform shop is open


Parent & Friends

  • Our Parents and Friends committee is a way for us to engage parents in our school community to organise, implement and support our community activities and fundraising efforts

  • Some of these special events include:

    • Grandparent’s Day

    • Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations

    • Easter and Christmas Raffle

    • Hot lunches

    • Colour Fun Run

    • Chocolate drive

    • School Disco

  • All parents are welcome and we encourage your participation. Meetings will take place once or twice a term and are a wonderful way to connect with other parents and carers in the community

Parents & Friends

Hot Lunches

  • Subway lunch is available on Monday and Fridays, which is delivered to the school

  • Twice a term we offer a hot lunch program with a wide range of options

    • Sushi

    • Pizza

    • Sausage Sizzle

  • Parents can choose for their child to take part and the money raised goes to supporting the school

Hot Lunches

Out of School Hours Care

  • St Elizabeth’s engages with YLC OSHC for care outside of school times. With options for care taking place:

    • Before School Care: 7.00am - 9.00am

    • After School Care: 3.15pm - 6.15pm

    • Vacation Care: 7.00am - 6.00pm

  • Please contact Elarine on 0422 803 709 should you wish to book your child/children into our OSHC Program

       For more information, go to

Out of School Hours Care

Medication Administration at school

For St Elizabeth’s school staff to be able to administer any medication (prescribed or over the counter), we require:


A Medication Authority Form to be signed by both:

  • a parent/guardian/carer 


  • a medical/health practitioner/pharmacist


This medical/health practitioner/pharmacist MUST be AHPRA registered, where they document on the Medication Authority Form their name, title and AHPRA number.

All medications presented to the school need to be provided in the original packaging/container with the original label, which includes:

  • the name of the student

  • information on the dosage

  • storage requirements

  • method of administration

  • time to be administered


Parents will still be able to complete the Medication Authority Form on Audiri, however the medical/health practitioner/pharmacist will not be able to sign on this platform and be required to complete the school hard copy Medication Authority Form.


This will be made available as a PDF copy that can be downloaded for printing on Audiri.


If parents do not have the hard copy Medication Authority Form when they attend the medical/health practitioner/pharmacist, a letter from them on their practice/surgery letterhead with all the required details will be accepted, as long it clearly has their AHPRA number and signature - parents will only then be required to fill the Audiri Medication Form will all the details required for medication administration


The above procedure is applicable to any medication (prescribed or over the counter).


Those students who have the following signed plans, do not require a separate Medical Authority Form:


A medical/health practitioner signed ASCIA Anaphylaxis plan

A medical/health practitioner signed ASCIA Allergy plan

A medical/health practitioner signed ASCIA Allergic Rhinitis (Hayfever) plan

A medical/health practitioner signed Asthma plan


In the last couple of years, there has been a rise in the number of students presenting with hayfever, where parents were able to complete a Medication Authority Form on Audiri that lasted the whole year and the school administered this medication as required. Unfortunately this can no longer occur with the implementation of these new policies.


If your child suffers from hayfever on a regular basis, we would strongly recommend that you visit your GP and discuss whether your child should have an ASCIA Allergic Rhinitis (Hayfever) plan, which the school can take action as required. 


The link to this plan can be found at: 


There are copies of this plan at the office if you require.


Parents who in the past have provided creams for insect bites, eczema etc now require a medical/health practitioner/pharmacist to sign off on this and provide all the details required on a Medication Authority Form.

Medication Administration


  • All medications and Medical Authority Forms MUST be handed in to the school office at the beginning of the school day

  • St Elizabeth’s staff will store all medications as stated on the Medication Authority Form in the First Aid room

  • Students will be called to the First Aid room at the time their medication is to be administered

  • Medication will be administered by two St Elizabeth’s staff as stated on the Medication Authority Form

  • All medication that is administered will be entered into Passtab (school based secure software) to ensure there is a record of the medication being administered

  • A copy of this entry into Passtab will be emailed to parents by 5pm the day the medication was administered so parents have a record of this

  • If medication is only short term (e.g. antibiotics required for 1-2 days), it is the parents responsibility to collect the medication at the end of the school day from the school office

  • All medications at the end of the school year will be sent home (e.g. ventolin etc). The only medication kept will be Epipens

  • St Elizabeth’s school staff will check expiry dates of medication regularly, but the school strongly recommends that if possible all medications have 12+ months expiry (e.g. February 2025)

Below is a PDF copy of the school Medication Authority Form that can be printed and taken to be completed and signed by a medical practioner/pharmacist.

Medication Authority Form

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